About Us

With a Diploma in Performing Arts from the renowned ED5 International, 15 plus years as professional in the industry and over 10 years of teaching experience at prestigious schools in the Sydney region such as ED5 International (Full Time and Junior School) and Sydney Dance Company.

P.I.P.A, directed by Natalie Jean is newly established in 2017 in the Bathurst CBD region. Moving from Sydney to Bathurst after getting married in December 2015 she has always wanted to open her own school and continue to pursue her passion in teaching and the performing arts.

Starting out small her aim is to teach and develop different skills and talents within students aged 3 - 18yrs who have a passion for the arts. All in a nurturing and caring environment with a wide range of styles, in which Natalie hopes to always develop and grow.

"I want to create the next generation of performers and let their imaginations lead the way. Combined with dedication and commitment to create happy and successful students no matter what path they choose in life."


@P.I.P.A - Dream, Believe, Soar, Achieve.

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